New Publication: Spectres of Learning
25. February 2024

New Publication: Spectres of Learning

Spectres of Learning is a conversation in book form. It collects individual and collective learning experiences, their situations, and relationships that haunt us until today. The book is a conversation about informal learning spaces such as gardens, parties, kitchens, parks, and how they influence what we learn, how we learn, and how we want to learn. It is also a conversation about hierarchies and forms of exclusion. How and in which spaces have we learned and which spaces have made learning impossible? What relationships have been established in and through these spaces and how do they influence our daily experiences and actions?

The book is also an experiment in publishing: created with the chat-to-print tool Chattypub (Hackers&Designers), the book was produced and designed collectively. Thus, the book is not only the result, but itself the infrastructure of the collaborative work, learning and thinking that can be read in it.

Thank you Vierte Welt, Hackers&Designers, Topsoil Collective and Banana Copy for making this booklet happen!


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