Ada Özsar

Ada Özsar entered Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Performing Arts in 2017 and is still studying. During his years at the school, he performed in various dance and theatre shows. In 2018, he reopened Bilgi Stage, the only theatre company at Bilgi University, with his friends fromthedepartmentandtookvariousrolesforfiveyearssuchasactor, trainer, writer, director within the club. From 2013 to 2020, he worked as a volunteer at the Theatre Madrasah at regular intervals, and had the chance to attend and/or observe the workshops of various instructors from the Workcenter Of Jerz Grotowski and Thomas Richards Institute. In 2021, he founded the performing arts troupe called Free Walking with his friends working in the same field and still continues to work within the troupe. In 2021, he joined the TiyatroPol group and took part as an actor in the site-specific play Çok Uzak Çok Yakın. In the 2021 - 2022 season, he presented the programme “The Garden of Insanity” on RadyoModyan with Buğra Can Şahin, where they examined Ancient Greek tragedies and talked about today based on those texts. As a graduation project of the Department of Performing Arts, he created the play Yerinde with Zeynep Çamlı, which they performed on various stages and art galleries after his graduation. He is currently doing an internship at Collettivo Hospites company in Italy. In addition to these, he has been writing plays, poems and stories for a long time or researching the formal and contextual possibilities in which these genres are intertwined.