Ayşe Draz

Ayşe Draz continues her artistic practice and research in performance. Completed her BSSP in Theatre, Comparative Literature and International Studies at Northwestern University and her MA in Performing Arts at Middlesex University, after spending a year in Bard College, Berlin. Worked with the Studio Players as an instructor, performer and assistant director in many projects between 2005-2015. Collaborated as a dramaturg with Ayşe Orhon (Hava/2010), Gizem Bilgen (Hiatus/2014), and as a performer and an assistant director with Semih Fırıncıoğlu. (TWO/2017) (https:// vimeo.com/402424687) Designed and conducted the Dramaturgy Lab 1.0 (Aksanat/2017) in Istanbul in collaboration with Anne-Marije Van Den Bersselaar from the Netherlands. Conceived and directed the performative installation “Once I set foot outside” (2018) (https:// vimeo.com/303717923), the performances “panorama radio” (2019) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?...) and “And in this very moment” (2021) (https://andinthisverymoment.co...) in collaboration with the German artist Marlin de Haan. One of the co- designers of PerformLab (https://beykozkundura.com/perf... en) the first edition of which took place in Istanbul in June 2021, she has also been collaborating with the artist duo :mentalKLINIK (http://www.mentalklinik.com) since 2006 at various phases of their projects (research, production, etc.) In 2018 she co-founded the theatre company Theatre Hemhâl (http://www.hemhaltiyatro. com) with Hakan Emre Ünal and Nezaket Erden. Draz is a member of TEB (Turkish Theatre Critic’s Association) and the performing arts editor of Art Unlimited magazine.