Babakale Beautification, Culture, and Solidarity Association

Babakale Beautification, Culture, and Solidarity Association started its activities in 2009 to contribute to the development and beautification of Babakale Village. In 2011, the association opened a tea garden, a commercial enterprise, and played a fast and important role in the recognition of the village. With the income obtained from its activities, it acquired its own space by repairing the building which is rented from the village headman, and then undertook the restoration of the Çınaraltı Cafe, owned by the headman as well. Subsequently, it supported the works of improvement of the beach used by the locals, provided support for education in the village by providing a projection device to the school and covering the school fees of two students, and provided financial support for the restoration of the streets of the village. Its most important contribution has been to support the economic and cultural development of women living in the village. Village tourism amplified through their courses in accommodation, and the association continued its improvement activities with seminars it organized with professionals from various fields. The trips organized every year in the country and abroad have also become an important part of cultural development. Social benefit activities were limited to these, due to reasons beyond control that could be described as political. Its building, beautified by the efforts of the members, was forced to be abandoned and then demolished. The association still continues its activities with 66 members and it has a business called Kaleder Kafe in the village center. They aim to continue doing good work in the future.